Malaria Eradication campaign:
"Don't teach the people how to eat fish,
teach them how to fish"

In December of 2007, Youth Action Africa, (as Antimalarians), received a donation of 450 treated mosquito nets from a Dutch Company. The nets were distributed to families in Yaounde, Cameroon. Priority was given to homes with babies and pregnant mothers due to their weaker immune systems and vulnerability to contracting the disease.

One net was given to each household, for a total of 450 beneficiaries. In addition, recipients were educated about the prevalence, transmission and prevention of the disease in order to effectively use their mosquito nets.

Again, despite the obvious health benefits of a treated mosquito net, we learned that again, some families sold their nets rather than use them. The fact that many people will trade for something tangible -money - rather than something based on assumption (that a mosquito net will keep them healthy is a reflection of the core problems which they face - poverty and lack of education.

With such a realization, Youth Action Africa will strive to alleviate poverty and improve health conditions through education.

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