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Youth Action Africa begins with a simple premise: who can we most effectively self-empower? In a time of rapid economic development, information, entrepreneurship and innovation are key to any country's success. Africa is rich in natural and human capital resources, yet its true potential remains unrealized: why are Africa's most hopeful still behind their global counterparts? Without investment in Africa's human capital - it's people - the continent will continue to fall behind, leaving its people with fewer options for advancement.

Youth Action Africa, with its FCLSDCs, introduces a new way forward in line with the Millennium Development goals. Based on a successful pilot initiative launched in South Africa in December of 2008 (, we aim to create a computer literacy and information program free of charge to the community.

Courses will simultaneously be offered at different intervals which will allow program enrollees an opportunity to participate in a course of interest. Courses will include but will not be limited to: Computer Literacy, Entrepreneurship, and Microfinance; E- Learning; E- Health Resources. Job-training, creating resumes and effective social networking will also be provided. Included in student enrollment, we plan to have free internet access and documentation centers as needed. By focusing on these programs, we enable our students to become economically independent, socially effective and globally competitive.

We believe that the immediate needs of the citizens in Africa's developing countries are directly related to the access and affordability of vital information needed for survival. Through this innovative flagship project, we hope to break the barriers to information access and instill hope in the citizens to be able to invest in what they believe will better them. Other added programs will include: free VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) communications; job fairs; scholarship opportunities; I-cubator resources for start ups and essential opportunities to network with other social entrepreneurs. Success of this program will increase literacy rates in impacted communities, decrease unemployment rate, reduce youth delinquency and community violence and, most importantly, create a new entrepreneurial environment that encourages Africans to take charge of their communities and future development.

Our programs will be based in centrally-located cities that allow safe transportation options and career-advancement opportunities for our students and training staff. We believe, through our module, that we can target people within the middle class, who will, in turn, empower lower-class communities. We can achieve maximum success by focusing on the middle class who will better assist and be assisted in areas of need. By creating a tier-audience model, we believe our model can successfully be applied to a series of programs and projects across the continent, creating stronger and more invested communities for all.

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