Aids Prevention Initiative :
"Prevention is better than cure"

Why are endemic diseases easily preventable, yet preventable tools not readily available or not affordable by those who need them most? This question was the driving force behind our Aids Prevention Initiative in Cameroon.

In 2006, the Northeastern chapter of what would become Youth Action Africa, collected 10,000 condoms to donate in Douala, Cameroon. In December 2006, Mr. Fomundam returned to Cameroon and distributed the condoms to a local community in Douala. Over 1,000 community members were the grateful recipients of these donations.

Perhaps not surprisingly, the organization later found out that some beneficiaries sold the condoms they received for free. Looking into why this happened, we realized that there was a greater need for money than the condoms. This realization shed light onto the conclusion that poverty, health, and education are the three-faced root of Africa's crises.

That is why Youth Action Africa is committed to alleviating poverty and health through education in Africa.

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