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The growth in technological advances has seen Africa lacking behind due to poverty which has plagued the continent despite all the wealth residing in it. In order to prepare Africa and Africans to join the league of technologically advances, YAA has created a platform to empower Africans with information access through its various initiatives. The importance of Africa for world survival cannot be overstated as it is the world's second-largest and second most-populous continent, after Asia, with a billion people as of 2009.

YAA Inc. and her network of partnering organizations as well as its youths across the world believe a technologically transformed Africa is the only true way to bring Africa to its full potentials and thus alleviating poverty. YAA was created with the simple premise: Why are Africa and Africans in this current state? How can we enrich Africans with information and skills to handle these changes so that they can then utilize the information for their betterment? Who can we effectively empower to be a catalyst of change in their communities? What can be done to become successful and sustainable?


To alleviate poverty and improve health conditions through education, improved access to information, resources and opportunities in Africa.

Youth Action Africa's platform will seek to nurture and transform social innovative ideas into successful and sustainable projects that are implemented in target communities. We believe that we can change, one at a time, the future face of Africa and Africans. In our future, citizens take pride in directing their lives through information access, available resources, and can recognize and capitalize on opportunities within their communities.

Short term Goal

Youth Action Africa will, initially, focus primarily on gaining access to target regions. We will also concentrate on developing, through grass-roots movements, chapters in colleges and universities across America in order to expand the reach of our vision and message.

This particular focus will seek to foster awareness about Africa's myriad crisis by partnering with like-minded organizations to foster sustainable development in target areas in Africa and to bridge cultural awareness gaps to nurture culturally competent ambassadors in Africa. Youth Action Africa will then focus on nurturing and mentoring youths to create a think tank for social innovative ideas to be implemented in target communities to create impact.

In Africa, YAA will seek to partner with home based organizations (Common Initiative Groups and Non Governmental Organizations) as a means to implement projects that take into account the cultural context of the community. This way, we enable them to increase productivity thereby broadening our mission in target areas.

Long Term Goal

Youth Action Africa will provide a unique project incubator platform wherein citizens are provided the opportunity to transform their ideas into meaningful projects geared towards alleviating crises in Africa while challenging - and changing - their own lives.
Group members will have the opportunity to acquire invaluable field experience that will help mold them into culturally competent global ambassadors and future leaders.
Youth Action Africa strives to be the leader in implementing youth led social innovative projects across the continent.

To do so, they plan to create a technology translational lab for social innovative projects where inventors, innovators, entrepreneurs and students will benefit by testing their prototypes and get feedbacks. The hope is that the success of this module will be emulated nationally and internationally across all continents. YAA's aim is to implement one successful project in every African nation by 2020, and to improve the socio economic lives of the members within that community.

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"I'm encouraging young people to become social business entrepreneurs and contribute to the world, rather than just making money. Making money is no fun. Contributing to and changing the world is a lot more fun."
- Muhammad Yunus
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