Building an African American Legacy Through Business in Africa
By Lauri Elliot
Apr 24 2011 4:09PM
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As the celebrations for Black History Month in the U.S. come to a close, Eyembe Elango and I (both former officers of discuss the redemptive nature of today?s Africa. While Africa is still primarily shown as a place of conflict, poverty, and disease, it (a conglomeration of 54 countries) has risen as the last, great emerging region.
The raw assets, which are underdeveloped wealth, on the continent lie mostly fallow. And unfortunately, those who should gain greatly from these assets ? Africans on the continent and Africans in the diaspora (including African Americans) ? do not on the whole. This is not because we are restricted in doing so for the most part, but because we are ignorant of Africa?s assets, how things have changed, how we can mutually gain from the assets, and how to accomplish it.
While Africa is not a panacea or single answer for the economic plight in African American communities, it is one major vehicle that can help individuals, communities, and companies create wealth. The continent can help us address current economic situations and build a legacy for future generations.
The dialogue you hear is informal between two peers who like to ?connect the dots? about Africa. We hope that the conversation is encouraging and useful.

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