A New Chapter for Africans and African Americans: The Blessing of Africa
By Lauri Elliot
Apr 24 2011 4:06PM
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I come from a family with roots in the deep South, as most African Americans. I, however, grew up in Michigan and missed the struggles of being black, having been born in the 1960s to educated, middle class parents.
Today, I still find it hard to identify with the struggles of our history and even what my parents shared with me about their own experiences. I was not disenfranchised with little education and means like so many of our youth and communities today.
However, having lived in South Africa working with youth entrepreneurs for over four years, I began experiencing some of the struggles of Africans anywhere, not necessarily because of color, but because of history and the disadvantage our race has experienced. So, I can identify with some of the struggles, not all.
However, no matter what the past has brought our way, God has blessed us abundantly with Africa for those Africans on the continent and abroad whether by choice, force, or history. We need to understand that Africa is one of the richest, if not the richest, resource continent in people and natural assets. We can lift our communities in the U.S., South America, Africa, and elsewhere out of poverty if we learn to leverage the assets we have.
I know it may be hard to imagine that Africa is anything but poverty, corruption, disease, and conflict, but while these are realities they are not the whole truth. Nations and businesspeople from all over the world are clamoring to Africa as the next emerging region to generate wealth. 
There are many African Americans who have been there and continue to do business there and know I speak the truth, but this has not reached the majority of us.  We need to understand that Africa is a gift given to us that will enrich our lives spiritually, socially, and wealth wise. If we build bridges between businesses and communities there and in North America, to South America, to Europe, and to Asia we can redeem the routes used for slavery to bless our people and others as well.
We don?t have to sit and wait for change to come. God empowered us with the tools and assets to make that change. Don?t be deceived by what you see and hear around you. Take whatever adversities you and your family have experienced in history, and even now, to go from misery to magnificence. Don?t let the gift of Africa be wasted.

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