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Vikrant Agrawal: B.A Business Administration & MBA candidate at IIM Indore, India
Bethel Alemu: B.Sc in Economics, U.S.A
Akinwumi Alo: Candidate for B.A in Political Science, USA
Sharon Asonganyi: MPH in Social and Behavioral Science, USA
Mohamed El Bahrawi: B.A in Political Science and History, Egypt
Prathamesh Bhagyat: B.Sc in Mechanical Engineering, U.S.A
Benjamin Boamah: BA in Economics and BA in Environmental Studies
Amabel Bunry: BA in Finance & Accounting candidate. USA
Arthur Chupeau: Candidate in Finance and Management, U.S.A
Jason Fombi, MD, USA
Dalinda Ifill: BA in Communication Studies, USA
Mohamed kante: B.Sc in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, U.S.A
Bhavin Khiversara: B.Sc in Engineering in Electronics & Telecommunication, M.Sc in Telecom Systems management, U.S.A
Noelina Nakiguli: BA in Africa Studies, USA
Henry Nsang: B.Sc in Civil Engineering, USA
Lilly Stoilova: BSc in Environmental Studies, USA
Cecile Tchouandem: B.Sc in Agriculture and Ph.D in Public Policy
Akouassi Yao: B.Sc in Finance & Accounting, U.S.A
Baba YATTARA: B.Sc in Computer Science and M.A in Management, Mali
Ghislain Fai Yengo: B.Sc in Chemical Engineering and M.Sc in Petroleum Engineering, U.S.A

Student Chapter Representatives

Henry Nsang - President, Northeastern University chapter
Akinwumi Alo - President, Gettysburg College chapter

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"I'm encouraging young people to become social business entrepreneurs and contribute to the world, rather than just making money. Making money is no fun. Contributing to and changing the world is a lot more fun."
- Muhammad Yunus
Ongoing Projects
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South Africa, Computer Literacy Programme ..
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