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Roland Fomundam Executive Director
Roland Fomundam

Roland was born and raised in Cameroon. He moved to the U.S in 2003 and started his education at Bristol Community College (Fall River, Massachusetts). He graduated from there with Honors obtaining an Associate Degree in Liberal Arts. He also received the most prestigious award for any student of color which is the Student of Color Achievement Award.

His awards and achievement gave him an opportunity to study at Northeastern University where he earned a dual degree in Business Administration and Biology and later a Master of Science in technology Entrepreneurship. Roland is an acclaimed social entrepreneur and has proven this in his numerous activities in the social enterprise sector. Currently, he is the founder and executive director of Youth Action Africa.

He is also the Co- founder of LeBoulo Inc - a job search portal exclusively for openings in Cameroon and founder and principle consultant at CUZA Holding Inc in Cameroon. He is also affiliated with professional organizations; the National Collegiate Inventors and Innovators Alliance, the World Entrepreneurship Forum and the Information for Development Forum.

Ailie Parham Interim Director of Development
Airlie Parham

.Airlie is originally from Wilmington, North Carolina. She attended Guilford College in Greensboro, NC where she received a Bachelor of Arts in Peace and Conflict Studies, Sociology/Anthropology, and African studies. In addition to studying in North Carolina, her education took her to Dorchester, India, and Ghana where she studied at the University of Cape Coast. She is currently residing in Boston where she is studying Nonprofit Management at Northeastern University

In addition to attending Northeastern, she is currently serving with the Massachusetts Promise Fellowship. The Massachusetts Promise Fellowship is an AmeriCorps program that believes that all young people in the Commonwealth have a right to the resources that they need to be successful in life, including a caring adult, a safe place, a healthy start, an effective education, and an opportunity to serve. Airlie believes that these are resources that all youth have a right to, and that is why she committed to helping Youth Action Africa fulfill its mission. Serving as YAA's Interim Director of Development, she anticipates much success from this young promising organization.

Alvine Sangang Director of Administration
Alvine Sangang

Alvine was born and raised in Douala, Cameroon. She graduated from high school in the summer of 2006 and later came to the United States as an international student in January 2007.She obtained a Bachelor of Arts in Economics from Stephen F. Austin State University (Nacogdoches, Texas) in May 2010.During her undergraduate studies she was fortunate to participate in an NSF funded policy internship program hosted by the Andrew Young School of Policy Studies at Georgia State University (Atlanta, Georgia). This experience developed her inquisitive spirit towards the field of policy studies, ultimately leading her to apply to Public Policy PhD programs.

She is currently a first year doctoral student in Public Policy at the McCormack Graduate School of Policy and Global Studies. She is a Research Assistant at the Center for Women in Politics and Public Policy, and an intern at the Center for Peace, Democracy and Development. Her research interests can be attributed to her broad field of International Development. She hopes to engage in policy research pertaining to higher education, microfinance, and women empowerment as they relate to the poverty alleviation debate in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Alvine believes in the potential of the contemporary African diaspora in harnessing development issues of the continent. She is committed to dedicating her career to addressing the aforementioned topics within Sub-Saharan Africa policymaking arenas. Being part of Youth Action Africa not only provides her with a sense of pride, but also gives her hope that there is value in young Africans domestically and abroad.

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"I'm encouraging young people to become social business entrepreneurs and contribute to the world, rather than just making money. Making money is no fun. Contributing to and changing the world is a lot more fun."
- Muhammad Yunus
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