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Board Chairman and Senior Advisor
Dr William Tita

William Tiga Tita is the principal G77 Chambers of Commerce's expert on Trade Information Network for the 133 Member States. He is Chief Executive Officer of GMC-TINCCIsG77 Ltd. and Executive Director of the World Chambers Consortium that manages the World Chambers Network (WCN).The 133 national focal points oversees 28,000 individual Chambers of Commerce for World Telehealth to establish their presence in the member countries, and to support the initial World Telehealth effort in establishing working relationships with the member countries' local trade and commercial infrastructure

He has been Chief Technical Advisor in the Private Sector Development Program of the UNDP, and is the founder of several computer services companies and serves on several high-tech company boards.

Dr. Tita is currently a business professor at Northeastern University and his research interests are in exploring the role of the Web in trade development for the emerging economies. His primary teaching interests are professional ethics, e-commerce, entrepreneurship, management, and strategy in the global economy.
Dr. Tita has been recognized by the International Development Agencies, notably the World Bank, as a pioneer and expert in distance learning as well as in keeping developing countries within reach of the emerging information society and networked economy.

Dr. Tita is a member of several professional organizations, including the Academy of Management, National Economic Association, Small Business Institute Project Directors Association, and Society for Business Ethics.

Senior Advisor
Dr Ravinder Zutshi

Prof. Zutshi received B.Tech (Electrical Engg.) from IIT Delhi, M.S. (EE) from University of Florida and Ph.D. (Management) from University of Pittsburgh. He has spent more than 35 years in Academia, Industry and Government. He held faculty appointments at San Diego State University (1979-81), IIM Lucknow (1985-1993), Nanyang Technological University, Singapore (1993-99) and Long Island University, New York (1999-2007) and has been a visiting Professor at IIT Delhi, Eindhoven Technological University, Netherlands and Faculty of Economics, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia.

He was Senior Management Advisor to Sarabhai Group of Companies and Director ORG (1976-77), Advisor National Industrial Development Corporation (1981-82), Senior Consultant to Planning Commission (1975, 1982-85). He served on numerous committees of the Government of India as well as UP Government. He has been consultant to Industrial Development Bank of India, Exim Bank, Singapore Technologies, APO (Asian Productivity Organization, Tokyo), National Productivity Council (India), and World Bank, During 2007-2009 he was Advisor to Foundation for MSME Clusters (UNIDO and Ministry of MSME, Government of India).

Prof. Zutshi teaches graduate courses in Corporate Strategy, International Business, Business and Society and Entrepreneurship. He was founder-member of PRADAN (Professional Association for Development Action) which an NGO in India involved in rural reconstruction. He was Vice-President Entrepreneurship Forum (set up by EDB, TDB, National University and Nanyang Technological University) in Singapore, Consultant to Alleghany County, Pennsylvania, USA for Minority Economic Development, Associate Director, Entrepreneurship Development Centre, NTU, Singapore, Assistant Director, Small Business Development Center, University of Pittsburgh and Vice-President, International Society for Professional Innovation Management (ISPIM).

Currently Prof. Zutshi is Chairman Policy Alternatives and Senior Research Associate, Singapore Management University. He has published extensively, has been on the Editorial Board of Journal of Small Business Management and Guest Editor, International Journal of Technology Management. He is Managing Editor, Journal of Enterprising Culture, Singapore and Member India International Centre.

Senior Advisor
Dr Richard Wamai

Dr. Wamai's current research is on health systems and HIV/AIDS policy. Core areas are HIV/AIDS programming and cost-effectiveness analysis, male circumcision for HIV
prevention, and health sector policy and reforms focusing on decentralization, insurance and financing in sub-Saharan Africa. His other research interests focus on HIV/AIDS, health and health disparities among African-born populations in the US.

Wamai has served as a Research Fellow in the Takemi Program in International Health at the Department of Population and International Health, Harvard School of Public Health.

He previously worked and trained at the University of Helsinki, the Johns Hopkins
University Institute of Policy Studies and the Bloomberg School of Public Health, the
London School of Economics, the Nordic-Africa Institute in Sweden, the University of
Nairobi in Kenya, and at the World Bank. Prior to his Harvard appointment, Wamai was a research associate at Oxford University Department of Social Policy researching on the shifting comparative welfare systems in the OECD and South Africa. Wamai has taught undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate courses in social policy, nonprofit studies, international development cooperation, and health policy in various universities in Finland, the UK and the US. He has co-edited several texts including Civil Society Reconsidered: A Critical Look at NGOs in Development Practice (IDS: Helsinki. 2006). He currently teaches courses on epidemiology and health disparities, African conflicts, global health and development

Technical Advisor
Olu-Segun Ajiboye

Experienced entrepreneur and web developer with strong knowledge of business, technology, project management and new product development across diverse industries like business consulting, self-publishing, healthcare, finance, NGO, education, oil & gas, and IT.

Background includes requirements gathering, Web Design and Application Development , Database Design and Object Oriented Programming.

He has a Masters degree from Northeastern school of Technological Entrepreneurship, highly motivated and a great team player

Legal Advisor
John Halle Halle, Esq

John is a Cameroon native. He is a legal practitioner by trade, and a student of life by leisure. Additionally, he is a firm believer in using one's natural and acquired talents in making a difference in the life of others. As a legal practitioner, he is experienced in the corporate and business field of law, but his heart lies in those fields of law that entail dealing with natural people, and not legal persons. He studied in the U.K and then the U.S.A where he had a chance to further his legal skills in a philanthropic manner. While there, he worked with organizations that provided legal services to the homeless and disabled population.

He also interned at an immigration law firm and witnessed and experienced firsthand how far government agencies will go to prevent the immigration of certain kinds of people. Needless to say, these experiences were a lot more satisfying personally, even if the remuneration wasn't comparable to that in his previous position. It was also during this period that the Youth Action Africa concept was introduced to him by his childhood friend, founder and CEO Roland Fomundam.

Having known each other for a long time, and sharing the same ideals about their homeland Cameroon, and motherland Africa, it didn't take too long before he was onboard. A marvelous opportunity to make a difference in the lives of his fellow Cameroonians and Africans had just presented itself, and he was not going to miss it.
The fact that this organization has legal status, is constituted by a serious and dynamic board, is headed by a Director with a vision and ability to attain it, is growing at a very prospective rate, only goes to show the promise that lies ahead for YAA. It is John Halle's fervent wish that he is able to contribute to the growth and success of this organization. And he plans to execute his position within the organization with the due diligence, care, and skill expected of a legal representative, so help him God.

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"I'm encouraging young people to become social business entrepreneurs and contribute to the world, rather than just making money. Making money is no fun. Contributing to and changing the world is a lot more fun."
- Muhammad Yunus
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