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Roland Fomundam
Roland was born in Cameroon, West Africa. After graduation from high school, he travelled to the United States to further his educational career. In the United States, he attended Bristol Community College in Fall River, Massachusetts and graduated with honors in Liberal Arts (Math and Science). He transferred to Northeastern University where he earned his Bachelor's degree in Biology and a minor concentration in International Affairs and Business Administration.

Roland is currently a graduate student in the School of Technological Entrepreneurship at Northeastern University. His entrepreneurial background can be traced in his early years back in Cameroon where he co-founded and also co owned Chapman Biomedical; a sales and distribution center for generic drugs.

Roland's involvement in the social enterprise has been enriched through the incessant support of his mentor and chair of this benevolent organization. Roland's ultimate wish is to bridge the gap between our African dreams and the American means, with a goal to empower Africans with necessary tools for development and advancement in innovation through education.

Katie Borge
My mother is Scottish and my father is Portuguese. I am 19 years old and I was born and raised in a suburb of Worcester, MA. I am studying health science pre-med at Northeastern University. I was inspired to pursue a career in medicine and began to look at life differently after a medical service trip to the Dominican Republic.I worked with doctors, both foreign and local, to give health care to impoverished Haitian immigrants and Dominican locals, who work in the harsh conditions of the sugarcane villages.

I was shocked to see the destitution and squalor that so many live in. I began to see health care as a human right equivalent to a person's right to life, liberty, respect, justice, and the pursuit of happiness. I became inspired by the faith of the locals, the doctors and my fellow volunteers to dedicate my time to helping efforts to alleviate poverty and the effects of it around the world.

I was initially intrigued by Youth Action Africa's message during my first week as a freshman at Northeastern. I agree with Youth Action Africa's mission to educate others as well as its members about the social injustices of the world and how to improve these and make a better tomorrow. I believe that through the dedication of youth around the world, we can change the face of economics, health care, and politics and help to alleviate poverty, especially in Africa.

I have now been elected to be president of Youth Action Africa's student chapter at Northeastern. I am encouraged by my fellow members and can only encourage all people, but especially students to embrace our power, knowledge, influence, cultural and background differences to come together and make a difference.

Vise President
Loic Loyd Fokou
Born and raised in Cameroon, I attended the American School of Paris and then Northeastern University where I was introduced to Youth Action Africa student organization. Deeply rooted to the cause as an African, I feel it is my duty to give back to my community. I strongly believe that social welfare can be greatly improved through education and access to information.

This is the underlying principle that attracted me to this organization. As students, we are the agents of change to drive such a process. I am committed to working with the organization and help drive it's mission through the various projects that we will be involved in.

Rina Asemamaw
I was born in Ethiopia and moved to the U.S with my family at an early age. I am currently an Economics major at Northeastern University where I was introduced to this benevolent organization, Youth Action Africa.I'm passionate about the organization's mission in harnessing students’ potential to alleviate Africa's crisis.

As a student, I strongly believe that it's time for us all to get involved to foster this transformation as we hope to empower others through education and access to resources.

Cultural Liaison
Amir Hamdoun
I was born in Egypt. I have grown to cherish the fundamental values of life through my interactions, diversity, and passion. I am currently a second year, Physical Therapy student at Northeastern University, where I was introduced to Youth Action Africa student organization.

This organization aims to pool all our resources into educating the African people - the ultimate weapon against poverty and debilitating health conditions hurting the African people's limitless possibilities. As an African, I know of my people's potential and can not stand any longer for the loss of their hardships in the minds of other people. We need to give back to Africa, the motherland of civilization, empowering them with the opportunities to become free minded and able to pursue anything.

I am excited to be a part of the process bringing these opportunities to Africans and watching them decide their own fates and lives.

Public Relations
David Kando
I am Syrian and Lebanese on my father's side of the family; Italian and German on my mother's side, but all 4 of my grandparents were born in the United States. I attended St. Francis of Assisi, a Catholic school in Medford, MA until 3rd grade when I moved to Tewksbury and finished out the next 5 years in the public school system.

I graduated in 2008 from Central Catholic High School in Lawrence, MA where I was part of an ethnically driven city life comprised of generations of immigrants from the Dominican Republic, Lebanon, and African nations like Kenya and the Congo.

In this environment I developed an appreciation for the lifestyles of those without material objects, and a full week of hard work for struggling family members back in their respective countries they call home. It was those people who took me in as a son at times and taught me the finer things of life; like the benefits of hard work, genuine goodness, and dedication to family.

The Northeastern Chapter of Youth Action Africa exemplifies these traits in everything we do, not simply everything we say. It is important to us to show our peers how our actions can help change a community locally and on the otherside of the globe and as we grow towards our own careers, we will continue to work for the same valiant goals that we set and achieve as a team and family at Youth Action Africa.

Courtnie Bennett
My name is Courtnie Bennett and I am a sophomore at Northeastern University. I am majoring in music industry in the hope of one day becoming a recording artist. I am passionate about Youth Action Africa because I think that education is the most effective tool for progress. I respect how the organization uses this in its mission statement and implements it through its projects.

It's important for me to feel like I am a part of the process of moving towards a better world through education and, through this organization, I have the opportunity to exercise my passion.

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