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Benjamin D. Boamah
Ben was born in Ghana, West Africa. In the quest of better educational opportunities for her children, Ben's mother relocated his family to North America. In the United States, he attended the High School of Economics and Finance located in New York City. Upon graduation he continued his education at Gettysburg College in Pennsylvania. During the spring of 2008 while studying abroad in Cairo, Egypt, he was introduced to the idea of Youth Action Africa by his friend and mentor Roland Fomundam.

He was greatly inspired and upon returning to Gettysburg College he worked diligently with some close friends to establish the Gettysburg College Chapter of Youth Action Africa. Benjamin graduated from Gettysburg College in December 2009 with a BA in Economics and a BA in Environmental Studies.

He currently resides in New York City and serves in the capacity of advisor and mentor to the Gettysburg College Chapter. He strongly believes the future of Africa is dependent on its youth. His wish is to organize and mobilize this group to bring about positive change on the continent of Africa.

Akinwumi "Sam" Alo-President
Akinwumi Alo was born in Nigeria, West Africa. Along with his mother and brother, he moved to the United States in December of 1995. Akinwumi is currently in his sophomore year at Gettysburg College, pursuing a B.A. in Political Science. His love for his continent and realization of the potential it possess lead him to join Youth Action Africa.

Introduced to the organization by Benjamin Boamah, a like-minded individual, Akinwumi has replaced Benjamin Boamah as the President of the Gettysburg Chapter of Youth Action Africa for the 2009/2010 academic year. As President of Youth Action Africa ,Akinwumi has primarily focused on education, believe this to be the key to Africa's ailments. He leads with the philosophy that "Education is the tool for the a better future, providing education to those in need of it will ensure a brighter future for the continent"

Vice President
Rashard Rabsatt
Rashard Rabsatt is a rising senior at Gettysburg College completing a Bachelor of Arts degree in Spanish Linguistics and Latin American Studies. Since the inception of the Gettysburg Chapter, its been with devotion, pleasure, and genuine honesty that he's served to fulfill the mission statement of the chapter and that of the Youth Action Africa.

His interest in Youth Action Africa steams from his passion for philanthropy and international development. He is excited to witness the great work of Youth Action Africa to come in the near future.

Diane Farrell
Diane Farrell grew up in central Pennsylvania and is currently a senior at Gettysburg College. An advocate for health and prevention of disease, after graduation she will be entering the nursing career. At age 22 and focusing on health care, Youth Action Africa offered an opportunity to educate individuals about healthy conditions and thus improve the health of not only the local community, but the international community as well.


Public Relations
Christine Crayton
Christine Crayton is from Long Island, New York. She is a senior at Gettysburg College with a major in Globalization Studies and a minor in Spanish. Her passion for becoming involved with social change and development projects has drawn her to Youth Action Africa's noteworthy mission for overall advancement in Africa.She is currently the Public Relations chairperson at Gettysburg College and enjoys being a part of a very ambitious group of individuals and an organization which works towards the common goal of

helping to ensure a promising future for peoples on this continent through the means of education which will most certainly open doors leading to success.

Project Coordinator
Hadiatou Barry
Hadiatou is a senior Economics and Globalization Studies double major at Gettysburg College. Born and raised in Conakry, Guinea, she split her youth growing up in Guinea and the United States. Her motivation for joining Youth Action Africa is the lack of education for youths in the continent of Africa.Education and health care are the basic necessities for a healthy population, which in return is a prerequisite for proper economic development of any nation.

Health and education are human rights, and must to be the focus and priority of Africans if the continent will thrive in the 21th century.

Senate Representative
Anabella De La Rosa
Anabella was born in San Felipe, Belize. With the help of many and with a full scholarship she came to the United States after graduating from Gallon Jug Community School in 2004. She studied at Tabor Academy in Marion, MA from where she graduated with honors in 2009. She is currently a freshman at Gettysburg College majoring in Globalization Studies with Anthropology minor.

Further education is not always a possibility in many third world countries as she was able to see in Belize so to help out and make a change she joined Youth Action Africa. The only thing that can make a difference is education therefore it is an important part of helping anyone out. She is new to Youth Action Africa but she hopes to continue what has been started from aiding with education to health and poverty issues. She looks forward to working with the organization and doing as much as possible to facilitate the existing concerns of Youth Action Africa.

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