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NEWSLETTER February 2011 Get To Know Them- A thriving force in the Boston area, Youth Action Africa-once known as Anti-Malarians now commonly known as YAA- has been working towards alleviating poverty and improving health conditions through education and improved access to information and resources. 

The nonprofit organization was officially established in 2008 and has since employed projects such as a Free Computer Education In South Africa where free computer classes were provided to women in refugee camps, a Malaria Eradication Campaign and HIV prevention campaign in Cameroon, an Agriculture microfinance initiative for 102 farmer in the North West region of Cameroon, and much more. While you may find many organizations whose focus aim to alleviate poverty in developing nations, Youth Action Africa's bottom up approach offers a unique platform in which youth join efforts to promote technological advancements in Africa through carefully crafted education initiatives that seek respond to the needs of the target communities with a goal to alleviate poverty and improve health conditions. YAA's executive board members consist of University graduates from some of the most prestigious universities across the nation. 

 This organization believes that education, access to information, resources, and opportunities are key aspects to the social and economic growth of individuals-specifically individuals in developing nations. To achieve such, YAA partners with existing organizations in focused areas, develops different chapters of the organization in various colleges and universities throughout the states, participates in fundraising projects, seeks donations, and applies for grant funding. YAA?s focus is to create and take part in social innovative projects for Africa. 

All our projects have been examined for sustainability, success and impact. Here is a sneak peak at some of their current and upcoming projects? Jola Venture -Cameroon- JolaVenture (JV) is a modern platform for processing, marketing and sale of food products to local and neighboring markets to meet the growing demand for high-valued food products in Cameroon in particular and Africa in general. This project aims to make small-scale farming more productive and profitable; removing the country's reliance on foreign products and supplying healthy food crops at affordable prices to the local and neighboring communities. To do so, we seek to employ the following: an initiative that applies communication technology to establish an information system among the local community farmers for knowledge sharing; a venture that provides technologies and connects home workers, most especially women, who produce dried tropical fruits (mango, papaya, tomatoes, guava, pineapples and nuts) to better markets in order to foster fair trade practices; a project that enables multiple producers and Common Initiative Groups(CIG) to increase outputs and build capacity using modern farming equipment and techniques; a project that seeks to create a field technology translational lab for innovations that are generated in institutions of higher learning locally and abroad; a program that seeks to encourage US and food aid donor organizations to purchase from local Cameroon producers to supply to other areas within the African continent targeted to receive their assistance. 

Our end goal is to aggregate multiple producers under a unique brand, and cultivate customer preferences for the brand towards developing an Africanized marketplace. The success of this project will be enabling Africans to produce and consume quality food products, and closing the market diversion gap that currently exists. Computer and Business Development Center -Cameroon, Mali and Egypt- Here at Youth Action Africa, We believe that the immediate needs of the citizens in Africa's developing countries are directly related to the access and affordability of vital information needed for survival. 

Through this innovative flagship project, we hope to break the barriers to information access and instill hope in the citizens to be able to invest in what they believe will better them. Through this program YAA will provide a platform where computer literacy courses will be offered at different intervals, allowing local participants to build the basic necessary skills needed for better job opportunities and social networking. Courses will include but will not be limited to: Computer Literacy, Entrepreneurship, and Microfinance; E- Learning; E- Health Resources. InHome Sponsorship Program To date there exists in Cameroon no credible or efficient foster care system to provide for the parentless children orphaned by HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis, malaria, and other ill-fated circumstances. 

Youth Action Africa and CameroonONE organization are currently developing a program to confront this crisis. Our team has endeavored to expand on its existent Sponsorship Programs by establishing the first continental In-Home Child Sponsorships designed to support an orphaned child's surviving relatives. Our goal is to keep families together while freeing up the orphan communes for only the direst of situations. Relatives taking on the parental responsibilities of a niece, nephew, or young cousin will do so on a conditional basis. 

These homes will receive a per annum, circumstantially determined stipend with full understanding that it will be conditional and made available only as certain requirements of the child's rearing are met. To know more about our projects visit To support or contribute to the efforts of Youth Action Africa visit

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"I'm encouraging young people to become social business entrepreneurs and contribute to the world, rather than just making money. Making money is no fun. Contributing to and changing the world is a lot more fun."
- Muhammad Yunus
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